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Doncaster Hosts Booker Prize

Booker Legacy

Following on from the hosting of the Booker prize last year a series of events and workshops have been devised in conjunction with Frenchgate Shopping Centre. These include free books, sotry telling, theatre and aniamtion drop in workshops in September 2021. To engage and educate the public about all things books.

As part of the Booker legacy programme, Ian Mcmillan reads his poem for the town at the opening of the Jamie Bud photographic exhibition at the Frenchgate Shopping centre. This exhibition extends the 'Books that made us' from online to the physical space. Ian's words extend from the Frenchgate to the surrounding town.

Poet leads journey around exhibition at Frenchgate shopping centre.

A rough and ready snapshot of Ian Mcmillan leading the audience around Frenchgate shopping centre and introducing them to the Jamie Budd exhibition and the various photographic portraits and the people in them.

Foredge Workshop

The final workshop in Doncaster Creates Booker legacy programme at Frenchgate was an unusual undertaking. What is contemporary, perhaps it is the delving back to the secret labours undertaken in the past. Here back to medieval times and the 'Hidden Foredge'. This is a technique whereby an image can be concealed on the edges of the pages, which is revealed by curling the book in a certain way. This is a skill to acquire, in order to create and release these cunning designs. It is makey and tactile and reveals the ingenuity that existed in past skills now forgotten. However resurrecting this skill, making a viewer have to activate the book canvas to see the image forged by labour and materials, seems today in a shopping centre in Doncaster to be highly contemporary.

"ON THE MARGINS, AT THE EDGES, IN BETWEEN "- (part of the 'Doncaster Hosts Booker' legacy development)
Doncaster Creates & Frenchgate shopping centre welcomed  Kerrupt Animation conducted workshops in animation in the world On Monday & Tuesday 23rd & 24th August - Undercover flip animations, where particpants created their  own animation in a story book that they customised and personalised - a unique work of art emerged from the workshops.

and FILM ANIMATION where people made their  favourite toy or model a film star.


Previous Hosted Events

As Booker’s ‘Out of London’ partner, Doncaster hosted a series of events through the Doncaster Creates initiative ‘In Conversation Friday 13 November, 7.00pm - 8.15pm, Facebook Live via Doncaster Creates.  South Yorkshire poet Helen Mort was livestreamed ‘In Conversation’ with the six authors shortlisted for the prestigious The Booker Prize this year. 

‘Open Mic' Thursday 26 November, 7.00pm - 8.30pm, Facebook Live via Doncaster Creates
Celebrating local talent with a virtual Open Mic! In partnership with The Booker Prize, Doncaster writers will read passages from their work alongside Fiona Mozley and Lemn Sissay MBE in front of a local and international audience on Thursday 26 November at 7.00pm. 


A booker book tree.. created by Sacha Gray with Anton Hecht. As part of the events around Doncaster's relationship with the Booker prize this year. The books donated by Re-Read and were distributed to local people at the end when the artwork was taken down.