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Doncaster Hosts Booker Prize


‘Doncaster New Writer Programme’ - 26th November 2020 - 20th March 2021

As Booker’s ‘Out of London’ partner, Doncaster will be hosting a series of events through the Doncaster Creates initiative.  Following on from the announcement of the Booker Prize winner, 19th November, and as a continuum from the Doncaster Hosts Booker ‘Open Mic’ Event on 26th November, the search for a ‘Doncaster New Writer’ will be announced. ‘Doncaster New Writer’ is the opportunity for people from Doncaster (a ‘not previously professionally published’ writer) to be mentored by Fiona Mozley - shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017. 

An open call for submissions from potential mentees (living in or from Doncaster) will be officially launched on 26th November (at the Doncaster Hosts Booker ‘Open Mic’ event) and will be championed across Doncaster by our wide range of creative, community and education partners.

Submissions, samples of work and a statement regarding how the programme will help personal development as a writer will be received by

Monday 11th January 2021.

We would emphasise that the timeline proposed for the menteeship obviously does not allow for the production of a whole new work. Instead,  it might be about :

- opening chapter(s) and /or  scoping a ‘whole work’, progressing something previously started or a short story.

To be considered for the programme, the submission requested would be:

- 500 words describing the project the Writer Candidate intends to work on with the Author Mentor, what they hope to get out of the mentoring programme, and what sorts of writing they have done so far;

-a sample piece of work of no more than 2,000 words - absolute maximum; if the type of writing the writer candidate does is much more concise (which is very welcome) the submission can be much less - there is no minimum. The Author Mentor will be looking for quality and not quantity.

The programme offered by the Author Mentor will consist of :

a)   Preparatory Tutorial - mentee submits and talks through proposed project  (including how they arrived at the proposal, perceived challenges and desired outcomes / directions of travel);

b)   ‘Work in Progress’ tutorials 1 & 2  - progress check coaching sessions;

c)    Final Work Review - a chance for the mentee to receive final notes on a ‘close to final draft’.

Announcement of the award of the menteeship, selected by Fiona Mozley as Author Mentor will occur in early February 2021 - both finale and legacy of our  ‘Doncaster Hosts Booker’ partnership: A small event to celebrate the resulting work will take place e.g. Doncaster New Writer - ’In Conversation’ with Fiona Mozley.  

“To apply, email with your material.”


Doncaster Hosts Booker Prize: ‘In Conversation


Friday 13 November, 7.00pm - 8.15pm, Facebook Live via Doncaster Creates

Join South Yorkshire poet Helen Mort for a livestreamed ‘In Conversation’ with the six authors shortlisted for the prestigious The Booker Prize this year. Hosted by Doncaster Creates at 7.00pm on Friday 13 November, the six shortlisted authors will discuss their work and answer audience questions before the winner is announced. Celebrate Doncaster on a global stage! Sign up to this event.

Doncaster Hosts Booker Prize: ‘Open Mic'

Thursday 26 November, 7.00pm - 8.30pm, Facebook Live via Doncaster Creates

Celebrate local talent with our virtual Open Mic! In partnership with The Booker Prize, Doncaster writers will read passages from their work alongside Fiona Mozley and Lemn Sissay MBE in front of a local and international audience on Thursday 26 November at 7.00pm. Sign up to this event.



A booker book tree.. created by Sacha Gray with Anton Hecht. As part of the events around Doncaster's relationship with the Booker prize this year. The books donated by Re-Read and will be distributed to local people at the end when the artwork is taken down. An experimentin using books for sculptural works, and also in using the large windows of Cast theatre, which is closed because of the restrictions. 




Are you a Doncaster resident or Doncastrian by birth ? Here's your once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the prestigious Booker Prize and have the chance to win a copy of a Booker Prize shortlisted novel? Take part in our campaign ‘The Books That Made Us’. Stories can create a sense of belonging that is needed now more than ever. Share with us a book that has changed your life in some way. Maybe it was a book that comforted you as a child or one that has inspired you as an adult? Join our online conversation by sending us a video including your nomination and where you’re from in Doncaster to

Our video nominations will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, watch Doncaster residents explain the books that made them. Please click a jigsaw piece to go to that video.