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Nomad Clan in Doncaster

Trafford Way Artist duo Nomad Clan have been commissioned to respond to local ideas and themes and have developed some initial sketches.

Hayley and Joy’s success has taken them all around the world from New York to Iceland to Bali and many more places, painting one-off pieces and huge murals in collaboration with major festivals, rising to meteoric status along the way.

With the artist duo both having grandparents from Doncaster (their grandfathers worked in the mining industry) it seemed only right to celebrate their success, showing just how ambitious Doncaster is about arts and culture in the town by bringing these world class street artist grand daughters to paint and transform a significant location.

Before the painting content is decided, the artist duo go through a process of research to enable them to put two designs forwards

We are asking everyone in Doncaster - residents, visitors, workers - to tell us about the Doncaster stories, characters and heritage they would like Nomad Clan to know about as they develop their amazing concepts. 

This article gives an overview of the project so far

Part of the process is this video presentation where the artists discuss their process and the way the work is developing.