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Urban Art Symposium

‘What is Public Art, When is Art Public?’
'Streets are my gallery and local communities are my audience’, Yola

‘The public has a right to art’,
Keith Haring

What is Street Art? When did it gravitate from graffiti into an accepted art form? Street Art is increasingly the way in which many members of the public see the world. How does it affect us today? It is perceived as a way to revitalise urban space, engage new audiences and introduce art to the masses. In that context how do we reconcile its origins in protest, with the privatisation of public space, and the commercialisation of Street Art itself? High street collapse provides great opportunity for reimagining urban space. How does this relate to the work of regenerative arts programs like Doncaster Creates and how does Street art fit into public art policy in Doncaster ?

This symposium explores the creative responses to our changing urban environment – from street art, site-specific interventions to yarn bombing and the existing backdrop of more traditional public art. The speakers will discuss creative connections, political agency, effective responses and the relevance of contemporary urban interventions to a critical understanding of people and place.

To Be Revealed

  • EXHIBITION at DARTS: Nomad Clan’s work & talent development
  • COMMUNITY WORKER TRAINING: murals, urban art & creative growing
  • MATTHEW ROSIER COMMISSION: exploring challenges of heritage & place