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Doncaster Creates - ‘a dynamic arts programme beginning in 2020, will reveal and nurture the creativity that Doncaster has and hosts – developing ideas for the future, talent, skills, new audiences and participants. People from all backgrounds will experience world-class arts that they will remember and act upon: people re-imagining - regeneration through great art’

Mike Stubbs (Creative director) 
Juliet Farrar (Executive director)

Full Circle

Exhibition: 5th February - 10th April 2022

Opening: Saturday 5th February 2022 2pm

Workshop 26th March 2022 (details to follow)

Video Installation

Danum Gallery, Library and Museum (DGLAM)

Newly commissioned artwork Full Circle by Yu-Chen Wang explores Doncaster’s industrial heritage, where nature and technology collide.

Creating an immersive cinematic video installation, Yu-Chen Wang took railwayana as a starting point for exploring Doncaster’s relationship to coal. With the support of local historians, geologists and environmentalists, this collaborative inquiry into regeneration and rewilding looks at the landscape surrounding South Yorkshire in the context of two major crises we are facing: inequality and environment.

This poetic work dwells on our relationship to place, peat bogs, water, coal are dominant features within the local landscape formed through the layering of time and compression of matter. Pitheads, slag heaps, mining subsidence and flooding, the edgelands are still full of post-industrial scars and traces. All of which are revealed through evocative moving images and a soundscape, which portray and reflect on these problems within a global condition to re-imagine new routes into the future.

The artist’s research focuses on how technologies enable movement of people, goods and information, as well as exploitation of natural resources and labour; how the land and ecologies, even our planet, have been altered and transformed through these activities. In this anthropogenic environment, a new version of nature is emerging—wildlife and modernity clash, human and non-human worlds entangle—a coevolution of human communities and their landscapes.

Full Circle, although composed of images and places captured locally, asks us how Doncaster sits within a broader international landscape as we did once before.                    

Yu-Chen Wang says:

“My work is largely informed by the history of places, collective memories, individuals’ stories, and the relationships I have established with these places and people. Various methods, including undertaking artist in residencies, conducting field research, developing collaborations and site-responsive projects across the UK and internationally have served as important processes for connecting places and people, whilst exploring and reconfiguring my own evolving cultural identity.”


Yu-Chen Wang is a Taiwanese-British artist who lives and works in London. Her work asks fundamental questions about human identity at a key point in history, where eco-systems and techno-systems have become inextricably intertwined. At the same time, her Taiwanese origins, combined with a London-based career, have created a vision that is personal and autobiographical. She has exhibited internationally, including at Science Gallery London, Manchester Art Gallery, FACT(Liverpool), CCCB(Barcelona) and Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and recently received the Honorary Mention Collide International Award, CERN(Geneva).

Further info

Sound design: Kristian Craig Robinson aka Capitol K

Cinematography: James Lockey, Tyrone Braithwaite

Technical installation: Andrew Quinn

Equipment: ArtAV

Research support: Dave Rogerson, Chris Barron and Simon Ward of Doncaster Grammar School Rail Collection; Bob Gwynne and Thomas Spain of National Railway Museum, York;

Warren Draper of Bentley Urban Farm/Doncopolitan; Sasha Gray; Simon Pickles of North & East Yorkshire Ecological Data Centre; Michael Oliver of The Lindholme Old Moor Management Group; Paulette Benjamin of Gomde UK Buddhist Centre; Nicola Fox of Doncaster Museum

Curated by Mike Stubbs, specially commissioned by Doncaster Creates for DGLAM

With financial support from Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT)

For further information please contact:


Art and Ecology Residencies
Open call: Rewilding the System

Doncaster Creates announces an open callout for dynamic artists to take part in our new residency lab programme feeding into the next ArtBomb festival in August 2022.

REWILDING THE SYSTEM (RtS). RtS is a laboratory programme for 3 artists to explore their practice and create responses to the twin emergencies of the climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. Of the three slots, one is available for a Doncaster based artist, one for a Yorkshire based artist, and one for someone from anywhere, probably a remote residency.

The residency will culminate in a development lab to try out new techniques for your practice, with the opportunity to share research and art made during the residency as part of the Artbomb Festival 2022. RtS will begin in March 2022 at ArtBomb Hub and Bentley Urban Farm in Bentley, Doncaster.

We are not tied to a residency period but will be planning regular online meetings and the lab.

If successful, this residency will give you:

-      £2,500 bursary

-      Mentoring from our team and partner ‘experts’

-      Accommodation if needed (the residency might be hybrid online and/or Doncaster)

-      Time and space to develop your ideas as part of the Artbomb community

-      Workshops with professionals to expand your practice

-      A further lab

Inspiration: Water as Life

Doncaster region sits in an area of lowland bog with a history of land exploitation through the extraction of peat and was affected by flooding in both 2019 and 2021. The region now looks to a future of carbon capture and innovation, re-defining itself within a carbon neutral

culture and economy and following many pledges locally and internationally such as COP 26. Water plays a central role in global sustainability.

With this inspiration in mind, we invite artists to explore themes such as:

●      How we increase the value we place on water.

●      The relationship between water, the environment, technology and art.

●      The role of water in well-being and aiding mental health.

●      Sustainability at a time of climate crisis through arts practice.

Who are Doncaster Creates?

Doncaster Creates is a dynamic arts programme to nurture the creativity of Doncaster – developing ideas for the future, talent, skills, new audiences and participants. People from all backgrounds experience world-class arts that they will remember and act upon: people re-imagining - regeneration through great art.

What is ArtBomb ?

ArtBomb is an event and a space: with a shop front for research, residencies, co-production, exhibitions and workshops, Artbomb 22, is a 3 day festival event aiming to stimulate conversation through an exciting program of visual and performance art, film programs, a forum, music and related workshops. Upstairs is a small but perfectly formed creative hub.

This year's program focus is art and ecology + mobile art in the public realm, the festival takes place, later in August 2022.

How to apply:

Submissions are now open and will close on 28th January 2022 at 5pm. Applicants should be aware that they need to be free on Wednesday 2nd March 2022 for an introductory session/hello.

We are particularly keen to receive applications from Black and Global Majority

artists, artists who identify as living with a disability, and artists from backgrounds which are currently underrepresented in the arts.

If you have any particular requirements which will support your application, please email Mike Stubbs -

Important note: This residency is to develop your practice, connect, share and learn. Whilst we hope this sees the creation of new and exciting work, the emphasis will be on the journey, not the destination.

To apply, please fill in our application form, which you can find here.

In the form, you will find 3 questions for you to answer. You will be able to respond in whatever form you wish - you can write it down, put it in a video, a voice message, paint a picture, make a flowchart. Whatever works for you; it’s about quality not quantity.

After this you will find an Equality and Diversity Monitoring form. Please take a few minutes to complete this after your application.

Next steps

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application early February 2022. This opportunity is brought to you in collaboration with Don Catchment River Trust,

Yorkshire Visual Arts Network, DCLT, NEYEDC, Bentley Urban Farm, Danum Gallery, Library and Museum.

Work in production by Yu-Chen Wang - Hatfield Colliery, 2021


August 5th – August 9th

New Artbomb landing page click here

ArtBomb Festival - multiple venues - August 2021.

ArtBomb: an open platform arts festival, spreading across public space and spilling onto the street. This three day event was engineered through the collaborative efforts of Doncaster Creates, The New Fringe, True Tone and our partner organisation Doncaster Unitarian Church. Situated around Doncaster’s hidden architectural and cultural jewel, the Unitarian Church on Hallgate, the festival aims to spark discussion, challenge ideas and foster a new sense of curiosity. As we collectively step from our homes and back outside, we bring art into the urban realm through experimental performance, installations, music, film screenings, workshops and everything in between. With a focus on a new generation of diverse creative practitioners, ArtBomb also fosters the growth of emerging creative producers and students by providing live mentorship and talent development through live production, festival management and public engagement. ArtBomb is funded by The Arts Council North and DCLT, and in partnership with The Point, Right Up Our Street, Art of Protest Projects, Doncaster College, D31 Gallery, Doncopolitan, CAST and Pride.


Opening on August 5th and running through September 29th next to the Unitarian Church, Birdsong features newly commissioned works by 14 local artists. The title of this exhibition highlights what we heard during lockdown: the absence of the usual hustle bustle sounds emitting from humans, with the replacement of birdsong. The works explore the impact of Covid 19 as the artists capture our condition through different artistic approaches. Artists featured in this exhibition include Sarah Villeneau, Mandy Keating, James Lockey, Ian Byatt, Sacha Gray, Vicky Morris, Raj Madaan, Angela Robson, Amelia Londsdale, Les Monaghan, Natasha Clarke, Sarah Smizz and Warren Draper.

Art forum

Aptly titled Public Art to Street Art, this one day forum features presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions which take place on Friday the 6th of August at the Unitarian Church. An event for artists, curators, urbanists and writers to challenge how we think of art in the public realm. We will hear from renowned public art curators including Tamsin Dillon and Laurie Peake with other speakers to include street artists Yola, STATIC, Natasha Clark as well as sculptors Sophie Ernst and Lewis Morgan. We will hear from artist/architects Matthew Rosier, whose public art installation is featured outside of Tate as well as Studio Polpo, who currently represents the UK at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Additionally the forum features talks with eco-artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey. Together these celebrated individuals will discuss creative connections, social agency, effective responses and the relevance of contemporary urban interventions to form a critical understanding of people and place. As ‘high street collapse’ provides new opportunities for reimagining urban space, how do new forms interface with public art policy and the work of regenerative arts programs?

Interwoven into the forum is the Parallel State in collaboration with Olivia Jones and Doncapolitan, who have invited a number of people to respond to the following provocation: What Does a Northern Town Look Like in the Parallel State and what happens in it’s public spaces? All citizens in the Parallel State are equal and not bound by geographical restraints and prejudices. Without a north:south binary, how will Doncaster’s past inform this reimagined version of itself? If Doncaster were self governed, what would it look like? How would it interact with other urban and rural communities? What would its public spaces look like? Expect speakers, performances, thoughts from young people, a backroom polling station and a temporary tattoo parlour. Speakers will include drag performance artist Bipolar Abdul, Clare Devaney who is Strategic Lead for Place & Culture in the North, award winning Doncaster artist Sarah Smizz and Olivia Jones, who represents Parallel State and serves as the creative director of Doncopolitan.

Performance and music

New promenading performance work and experiments presented around Hallgate by Gillian Dyson, Warren Draper, Sacha Grey, Filippos Tsitsopoulos and ‘Jackhno’ of Buffland Beat Collective. Additionally featured is Garden Sessions, an independent live music event produced by singer-songwriter August Charles. In a time where live music was put on hold, Charles saw an opportunity to spotlight musicians digitally by producing a series of youtube videos featuring performances in Doncaster’s Walkers Nurseries gardens. As lockdown lifts, Charles collaborates with Olivia Jones and Jez Matthews to produce a live event on Saturday, August 7th at The Leopard. Protesting the status quo, the event will have a variety of artists immersed and performing within the crowd, producing a culture clash of music and exploring sound in different formats. Musical guests will include Paul Parlyb Brown, Tim Cook, Simmeon Naphtali, Jordon The Ego, GSD.

Film screenings

Artbomb featured film screenings and discussions followed by Q&A sessions with the filmmakers which investigate questions surrounding cultural identity, perceptions of race, colonialism, the climate emergency, gender and sexual identity. With films created by Fluidity and Bi-Polar Abdul, Chooc Ly Tan, Angela Robson and Lorna Collins and Wayne Sables and a special film screening by Eelyn Lee of her new film Casting Fu-Manchu. Film installations also featured include those by Ryan Harstone, Raiche Kotaiche, Filipos T and Aaron Willliams.

Workshops and other public interaction

A series of creative workshops took part duing the day, where particpants explored creative ways to create art games, experiential work and participatory explorations.

The workshop programme has continued through-out the time of the project, with a number of activites for particpants to undertake in the space. 


Curated by Art of Protest Projects and The Point. As the Point is currently closed, the exhibition has been digitised for online exploration. Take a tour around the gallery through images and videos to find out more about the creation of street art in Doncaster and the muralists who brought their art indoors. This exhibition features original artworks by internationally acclaimed artists STATIC, Paul Luke and Natasha Clarke, who have all created large-scale installations around Doncaster. Their aim is to make art more accessible and engaging for a wider audience.
Colours is the first of a developing program of interactive and engaging art activity to be held in Doncaster’s Market Place, opening on August 6th. The iconic Corn Exchange building will host nine artists selected by young organisers of Colours, GSD. Visitors will find digital animation, videography, mixed media, photography and illustration which will fill the mezzanine, re-vitalising the Corn Exchange to become a place where experimental art can be enjoyed. The artists will respond to this through the creation of interactive individual environments that visitors can wander through. Birdsong artist activations will take place every Saturday during August and September and will feature various workshops by Sarah Villneau, Raj Madaan, Sacha Grey, Warren Draper and Mandy Keating. 


The World Through New Eyes

Doncaster Remix is an ambitious & playful programme of arts events and commissions that takes the town as site & surface for new work. Using an open curatorial method, it creates an opportunity for people to propose & make new work. We want Doncaster in the public gaze, locally, nationally and internationally, we want to question how public art is viewed in Doncaster & beyond, to explore the ‘grit & grandeur’ of the town. We want to achieve an impactful project that enables people to feel agency and to present new viewpoints of Doncaster from diverse often  unheard perspectives and new ways of experiencing the town as we consider a new green deal and life after lockdown.

  • TRAFFORD WAY: major mural by Nomad Clan
  • BAXTER PARK: urban art & growing refurbishment of Queen’s Road play area
  • SYMPOSIUM: ‘What is Public Art & When is Art Public? (local to national reach)
  • EXHIBITION at DARTS: Nomad Clan’s work & talent development
  • COMMUNITY WORKER TRAINING: murals, urban art & creative growing
  • MATTHEW ROSIER COMMISSION: exploring challenges of heritage & place