Thought Piece


During this disturbing Covid19 period, time slows down and our perceptions of the world go through a surreal (if unchosen) shift. For those self-isolating, working from home or resting from delivering essential services, our senses have heightened and we observe that around us through fresh eyes

In absence of traffic, we hear birds sing so acutely, and may have the time to differentiate their shrill tones. Watching a squirrel from a window and observing how it ‘knew’ the branch to which it leapt, could afford its weight, not only reminds heightens observation itself, but is a metaphor for the symbiotic relationship between different species co-existing in the same eco-system. We are part of the ecology as are the squirrels and the trees.

In critical moments, what do our fresh eyes reveal to us about humans place in the world and nature as we count and grieve ? What do we learn about our society which we would like to change or re-imagine as we hang onto these changed perceptions awaiting a supposed ‘new normal’ ?

by Mike Stubbs

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